May 27, 2019

Rand Merchant Bank


The Historical background;

In the year 2010;

  • The opening of representative office in Nigeria took place.

In the year 2013;

  • The Rand Merchant Bank was established in Nigeria.

Its’ offices are located at Lagos in Nigeria. However, the Rand Merchant Bank functions as an adjuvant of First-Rand Bank Limited.

Their Vision is:

  • To be the African financial services group of choice in sub-Saharan Africa – creating long-term franchise value and delivering superior and sustainable economic returns to their shareholders within acceptable levels of volatility.

The services provided by Rand Merchant Bank are;

  1. Capital markets
  2. Fund management
  • Debt restructuring services
  1. General corporate advisory
  2. Investment banking
  3. Leveraged financing
  • Private wealth management

Their Strategy is:

  • To be the African corporate and investment bank of choice.


The Rand Merchant Bank offers banking services to individuals and small businesses in 25 African countries.

It has branches and representatives in the following countries:

  • South-East Asia
  • the United Kingdom
  • India
  • China
  • Angola
  • Botswana
  • Middle East
  • Kenya

Michael Larbie is the current CEO and Managing Director of the Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria Limited and the Regional Head of West Africa.

The subsidiaries of the Rand Merchant Bank;

  • RMB Namibia
  • RMB Australia
  • RMB UK
  • RMB Botswana
  • RMB Nigeria

The branded companies of the Rand Merchant Bank;

  • RMB Private Bank
  • RMB Westport
  • RMB Ventures
  • RMB Corvest

The Rand Merchant Bank Values and principles are;

The values practiced by the Rand Merchant Bank comprises the following;

  • They are able to establish the value of the Merchant Rand Bank
  • It simply means they are ready to be held responsible for their actions in their day to day operation.

The principles practiced by the Rand Merchant Bank comprises the following;

  • Respect

This may be shown in the act of being fair to each other in each and every decision they make.

  • Excellence and innovation

This is by ensuring they issue extraordinary services to their clients, which is geared by the norm of being result-oriented and professionalism.

  • To be caring

This by taking great caution in how they carry out their day to day activities when they engage with: Each other, their stakeholders and their clients.

  • Empowering specific individuals.

This is achieved by giving individuals the chance to advance their careers thus this facilitate the specific individuals to flourish.

  • Integrity

This may be exhibited in telling the truth (honesty). It is also exhibited in making sure they do not practice unethical practices.

How to create ethical choices using the PLUS filter;

This are the things to take into consideration when one wants to make a choice of why to use the Rand Merchant Bank;

P – Policy and procedures

L – Laws and regulations

U – Universal FirstRand group values

S – Self

Their contacts are;

The following are the ways in which an individual can use to contact First Rand Merchant Bank;

RMB Graduate Programme


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