May 27, 2019

Nova Merchant Bank


In the year 2017, the establishment of Nova Merchant Bank took place.

The phrase ‘NOVA’ means new. It symbolizes the banks’ intention to accomplish new things.

It is a private entity owned by Foreign Institutional Investors and Nigeria.  However, Nova Merchant Bank, main centre of interest is at the wholesale and investment banking.

Their Aim is:

  • To re-establish merchant banking as a key economic driver by providing long-term funds and advisory services.

Their Vision is:

  • To be Africa’s preferred financial solutions provider.

They offer the following services:

  1. Advisory services;

It entails providing clients with fresh, new and brilliant ideas to cope with financial difficulties.

  1. Wealth Management;

Nova Merchant Bank not only aids in the management of wealth but also aids in ensuring certainty of its’ survival in the days to come.

  1. Asset Management;

Nova Merchant Bank accords their clients with asset management services which may entail issuing them with better systems of accessing investment fund for their asset management e.g. mutual funds, trustee services, structured products.

  1. Trading and Securities;

They are engineered to cater for the clients’ investment goals and ambition to achieve something.

  1. Wholesale Banking;

Nova Merchant Bank possesses one of the best whole-sale banking qualification and record influenced by the Nova Merchant Bank staffs’ excellent experience.

  1. Investment Banking;

They offer advisory services to clients in regards to issues pertaining investment banking. This is by the use of superior market intuition and technical knowledge in the required field.

Their Core Values are;

  1. Uniqueness;

This by showing or exhibiting good judgements in every activity they do in their day to day activities.

  1. Leadership

This is achieved by inducting well trained and skilled personnel in the team of corporate governance.

  • Integrity

Integrity is evident in Nova Merchant Bank by simply following moral principles in serving their clients’ hence being consistently good in their performance.

  1. Teamwork

This is achieved by the Nova Merchant Bank staff coming together and co-operating in execution of services to the clients. This has positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of serving clients.

  1. Fairness

It is achieved by ensuring impartial and just treatment to everyone who accesses the Nova Merchant Bank in everything they do. In-addition, Favouritism or discrimination against others do not take place.

  1. Passion

Nova Merchant Bank is engrossed in the enthusiastic deliverance of good and quality services to its’ clients.

The Corporate Governance:

  • It entails of three executive directors and six non-executive directors.

These are:

The Executive Directors;

  1. The Managing Director – Mr. ANYA DUROHA
  2. The Executive Director – Mr. AYODEJI ADIGUN
  3. The Group Treasurer – Mr. AYODEJI ABIMBOLA

The six Non-executive Directors;

  1. The Chief Compliance Officer – Mr. AKINWALE OLAWOYE
  2. Company Secretary – Mr. KELECHI UBA-OSIGWE
  3. Chief Financial Officer – Mr. IFEANYI CHUKWUONYE
  4. Head Financial Institution & Correspondent Banking – Mr. CHUKWUKA CHUKWUMA
  5. Chief Audit Executive – Mr. ECHEZONA EZEOKA

Their contacts are;

NOVA Merchant Bank Limited

23, Kofo Abayomi Street,

Victoria Island, Lagos.


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