May 27, 2019

Keystone Bank Limited


The term Keystone means a system or object has indeed been created to merge all the pieces that will aid it in achieving success. Keystone Bank Limited is a bank located in Nigeria.

The historical background

In the year 1981.

  • Habib Bank Nigeria Ltd was established.

In the year 2000;

  • Platinum Bank was established.

In the year 2005;

  • Habib Bank Nigeria Ltd joined Platinum Bank.
  • As a result of the two banks merging BankPHD was founded.

In the year 2011;

  • The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria bought shares of Keystone Bank.
  • Deposit liabilities and some other specific liabilities together with BankPHD assets shifted to the recently established Keystone Bank.
  • Later on, Keystone Bank was issued with a license by the Central Bank of Nigeria. This was after being given consideration that Keystone Bank was a beneficiary to the former BankPHB.

In the year 2017;

  • After the completion of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria divesture from the bank, Sigma GolfRiverbank Consortium took control of Keystone Bank Limited as the current investors.
  • As a result, there was a systematic establishment of a 5-man mediocre board that consisted of 2 members of the previous board. This is as Executive Directors which would facilitate cohesion and constancy.
  • A substantive CEO assumed office, this symbolized the end of the flawless transformation.

Their Vision is;

  • To be the preferred platform for delivering convenient & reliable financial solutions.

Their Mission is;

  • To consistently deliver superior customer experience, leveraging people and technology to enhance stakeholder’s value

Product available in Keystone Bank Limited;

  • Sustainable Banking

This is facilitated by the use of the Corporate Social Responsibility pillars. They are: Education schemes, Environment, Employee Volunteer Schemes, Youth & Women Empowerment.

  • Financial Inclusion

It helps in the reduction of: Poverty, barricades preventing women and disadvantaged groups participation economically. Furthermore, it seeks to boost education by issuing finances. This has greatly made a positive impact in the economic and social development of Nigeria.

  • Health Initiative

The following are the services issued by the Keystone Bank Limited;

Business Banking solutions;

  • Commercial Banking

It offers the following services to the clients;

-Dom Extra Account


-Corporate Current Account

-Growbiz Account

-Domiciliary Account

-Trade Finance

  • Corporate Banking

It offers the following services to the clients;

-Value Chain

-Corporate Current Account

-Trade Finance

  • Public Sector Banking

It offers the following services to the clients;



-Corporate Current Account

-Dom Extra Account

4) SME Banking

It offers the products to the clients;

-Domiciliary Account

-Trade Finance

-GrowBiz Account

-Corporate Current Account

-Saving Account Xtra

-Stock Hypothecation

-Shop Owners Advantage


Personal banking solutions;

Offer solutions that make it easier to do what you need to do and achieve what you want to achieve they deliver

  • Credit &loans

-Home Acquisition

-Auto Loan

-Equity Release

-Salary Advance Instanta

-Salary Backed Loan

-Asset Finance

2) Personal Banking Products


-Future Account

-Domiciliary Account

-QuickSave &QuickSave Plus

-Saving Account Xtra

-Paytime Account

-Wealth Management

-Pink Account

-Personal Current Account

-Growbiz Account

3) Cards Services

-Keystone VISA Card

-Verve Card

-Keystone MasterCard

4) e-Services

-KeystonePay e-salary Payment

-Keystone Mobile App

-Keyserv (Agency Banking)

-Keystone POS Terminals

-Keystone @ctivNET

-Transaction Notification Service

Their Core Values;

  • Team Spirit
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Professionalism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Service Excellence
  • Effective Corporate Governance

The Keystone Bank Limited staff team entails the following;

Board of directors:

  • Chairman of the board

-Mr. Alhaji Umaru H. Modibbo

  • Managing Director

-Mr. Obeahon Ohiwerei

  • Executive Director Corporate Banking & South

-Mr. Adeyemi Odusanya

  • Deputy Managing Director

-Mr. Abubakar Danlami Sule

  • 2 Directors namely:

-Mrs. Titilayo Tairat Adebiyi

-Mr. Bulus Bunken Dan-Habu

The Keystone Bank Brand;

It is Convenience & Reliability!

The brand is expected to meet and eclipse the clients needs. This is through issuing banking services to the clients at all time.

The Keystone Bank Logo;

Its’ design entails interlocking stones. They amount to: Trust, strength, safety and service.

In addition, it is more noticeable, by the distinct eye-pleasing hues which comprises the colour: Cyan, Blue-Royal and Ice Blue

Their Contacts are;

The following are ways in which an individual can use to contact Keystone Bank Limited;

Keystone Bank Crescent,

Off Ademeyo Alakija Street,

Victoria Island,


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