May 27, 2019

FBNQuest Merchant Bank


Historical background

  • In Nigeria, the first bank was created in the year 1894.

-In the year 2006, FBN Capital was established. This was as a result of three organizations coming together to become one. They are; FBN Merchant, First Bank Corporate Finance department and MBC International.

-However, it was not until in the year of 2012, the first bank established FBN Holdings Plc. This was only possible by the merging of the four subsidiaries that were in existence at the time. They are:

  • FBN Securities
  • First Trustees
  • First Funds
  • FBN Capital.

This was done to increase competition and be in compliance with the CBN’s regulatory terms.

-In the year 2013; The Group brand mandate in alliance with the First Trustees developed into FBN Trustees and First Funds developed into FBN Funds.

-In the year 2014, the asset management department of FBN Capital transformed into FBN Capital Asset Management which is a SEC-regulated subsidiary of the group. FBN Holdings Plc proceeded to acquire 100% equity in Kakawa Discount House Limited It was also able to secure approval to begin merchant banking operations as FBN Merchant Bank.

-In the year 2016, the investment banking division shifted to FBN Merchant Bank from the FBN Capital. FBN Capital Asset Management and FBN Securities became companies controlled by the FBN Merchant Bank.

-In the year 2017, all businesses that were operating within the Merchant Banking and Asset Management group of FBN Holdings were given a new name with the word ‘FBNQuest’. They are;

  • FBN Merchant Bank – FBNQuest Merchant Bank
  • FBN Capital Asset Management – FBNQuest Asset Management
  • FBN Securities – FBNQuest Securities
  • FBN Capital – FBNQuest Capital
  • FBN Trustees – FBNQuest Trustees
  • FBN Funds – FBNQuest Funds

Their Vision:

Believe in setting their own standard, embracing a pioneering spirit that pushes boundaries and opens up bold new possibilities for all our stakeholders.

Their mission:

To be the leading merchant bank and asset manager in Africa; and a trusted and inspirational partner founded on innovation, deep local roots and insights.

Their Core Values;

Core Values in FBNQuest Merchant Bank assist them in being able to establish a good relationship with the clients which help to shield from facing difficulties e.g. disruption. As a result lead to development and growth.

They are;

  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Diligence
  • Teamwork

FBNQuest Merchant Bank offers the following services to their clients;

  • It offer suggestion about the best cause of action on various issues such as Corporate Sales & Divestitures, Corporate Finance, Restructurings & Recapitalizations, Private Placements, Project Preferred Stock Issuance
  • It disburses or provide finances for different intent such as Leveraged Financing, Acquisition Finance, Working Capital Finance, Project Finance, Asset Backed Securities, Supply Chain Finance
  • A client can invest in FBNQuest Merchant Bank through Equity Investments, Negotiable Instruments, Mutual Funds, Structured Products
  • It aids the client to obtain something which would originally have been difficult to such as Trust & Wills, Bonds and Guarantees, Trusteeship, Bonds and Guarantees
  • FBNQuest Merchant Bank helps the client in the activity of buying and selling goods and services such as Bonds Trading, Treasury Bill Trading, Foreign Exchange Trading, The Two-Way Quote System

Contacts are:

  • Phone No: +23412798300 or +23412702290-4
  • E-mail Address is

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